Dried lime

Bahraman Omani lemon full package package uses the best and best type of product available in the market. Observance of all hygienic points and placing full of lemon in high-thickness cellophane and then in packet packaging is one of the points that Bahraman has a special look at. Omani lemon is a kind of sour lemon that has a cold and dry nature and is used in cooking many Iranian dishes, herbal teas and its powder as a spice. The parts used in the Omani lemon plant are the fruit, leaves and roots of the plant. This fruit is rich in calcium and potassium and is superior to other citrus fruits in terms of vitamin C. It is known to reduce blood pressure and blood lipids. The design of this package is inspired by the color of the product and the lemon tree. On the packaging, the lemongrass tree stands out clearly and distinctly, and on the back of the packaging, there is a window to see the product and ensure its high quality.
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