poushal 250gr

Bahraman straw saffron packaging is inspired by the art of Iranian tiling. In addition, hand-painted saffron flowers as well as gilding have been used in a wide range of packaging. These packages are mostly used for export and it is better that it shows the color of the face, its identity and origin. Iranian art and Iranian saffron. Properties that we are proud of. Saffron is placed in inlaid containers to prevent crushing and loss of color and odor.
By referring to the specialists of Bahraman products, Bahraman can provide its products with one quality, from the views provided in three families, CLASSIC, ROYAL and TOP to provide services. a series of special classic products, as well as in Bahraman stores. Using Royal's own products, according to the special section of the digital space, specialization in chain stores can be used to settle on the viewer's site, and the top family. Using various facilities, the possibility of setting products in modern and Traditional formats, using special equipment and providing specialized services to their products, providing quality products and offering better products to products provided by quality products.